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Make It Monday: Successful Stamping Tips

This week I’m working on project samples for my New Catalog Launch/BOGO event next Saturday, June 1st. For today’s project, I chose the Pop of Petals stamp set and punch and CASE’d Cindy Mitchell-Clark’s Pop of Petals card. I just changed up the colors and sentiment. You can check out her beautiful card with instructions on her blog at Cindy’s Corner.

In the process of making this card, I was reminded of several things I do to make for a successful stamping project as much as possible. I thought for today’s Make It Monday post I would share those tips with you.

Tips for Successful Stamping…

  • PRACTICE! I realize this goes without saying but really is an important step to help identify problems before they end up on your project. Stamp your image on scrap or grid paper before stamping on your project. This will help you see if you have properly inked your stamp and to check for image alignment. 

  • Check the rubber on your stamps and trim if needed. I’m sure we’ve all seen it…those halo images on our stamped image. Sometimes the halo is caused from excessive ink on the stamp. However, sometimes the halo occurs because there is extra rubber sticking out. This is exactly what happened on one of the stamps in my Pop of Petals stamp set. The small seed pod stamp was off center and had extra rubber which created a halo image no matter how careful I was in stamping. So I just carefully trimmed some of the problem excess rubber away to get the image I desired.

Stamped image before trimmed…

Stamped image after trimmed…
Trimmed stamp…
  • Allow time for the ink to dry. For the vellum flowers, I stamped directly on vellum and set them aside for several minutes while I worked on the rest of the card. (You can also use a heat gun to quicken the drying process.)

  • Layer sentiments rather than stamp directly on cardstock base. Have you ever ruined a completed project when you go to stamp your sentiment directly on the cardstock and it’s misaligned or stamps a halo image? So frustrating! While sometimes it is necessary to stamp directly on the project, consider taking another approach and use layering shapes to add your sentiment. For this card, I stamped my sentiment on an oval die-cut and layered with a scalloped oval which I adhered to my finished card. 
  • Use the Stamparatus if you need to stamp directly on your cardtock base to help with alignment (practice first). Check out Stampin’ Up!’s video on this awesome stamping tool.

  • Stamp sentiments on circles or ovals. Lining up sentiments on a square base can be difficult to do. Using a circle or oval minimizes the look of any misalignments. 

  • Use Tombow Multi-purpose Liquid Glue to help line up layers. This gives you a few seconds to move your layer around into the correct position. 
  • Use an adhesive eraser to remove residual adhesives. It happens. You get to the end of a project and some adhesive sneaked its way out and is gumming up the works. Just use an adhesive eraser like this one to gently rub off the excess adhesive.
  • Use a rubber sand eraser to remove small unwanted ink spots. Yep, it’s there…that small dot or light smudge of ink that mysteriously made its way onto your project. Use a rubber sand eraser like this one to gently exfoliate the top layer to remove (or at least minimize) the stamping boo-boo. The key to using this tool is to gently erase in small layers so you sand off the spot and not your paper.
  • Keep stamping area clean. The best way to minimize accidental ink and adhesive spots is to keep crafting area clean. I use an alcohol wipe to periodically wipe off my work area. (Caution: do not use alcohol on certain types of finishes.) Also, close and move ink pads out of the way after you stamp so they don’t accidentally come into contact with your hands or project.
  • Embellishments are your friend! Have a stamping boo-boo that is too big or can’t be removed? Try covering it up with an embellishment. You may like the outcome even better. Remember, there are no stamping mistakes, just opportunities for embellishment! 🙂
I hope these tips help create a more enjoyable and successful stamping experience for you! Please share any other tips you have!

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